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Dealing With Unemployment

Many times when we begin a career it becomes a part of who we are. The job becomes a portion of our personality. We often get used to the daily routine of a work schedule. Whenever these things are interrupted due to unemployment, our world is turned upside down. When dealing with unemployment, there are many factors involved to help keep your spirits lifted and your health in good condition. Below are some ways to relieve the stress that is often associated with unemployment.

Overcoming the Feeling of Failure

When a person suddenly becomes unemployed, there is often a sense of failure that accompanies it. To overcome this feeling, you need to think about all the successful people throughout history. There are many of them that did not achieve their success until they first failed. Failure is a part of growth and development. Focus on your strengths and apply them to your life. Learn from any failure in life.

Developing from Strength

Finding new work from the strengths you have within you will help you overcome the stress caused by unemployment. The things in life that you are good at doing will often lead you on a new journey of employment and success. The strengths you lean on will bring you peace of mind.

Physical Fitness

Staying physically fit will help you to maintain good health and also relieve stress. It is difficult sometimes when unemployed to rid yourself of frustration. Running, exercise, and other physical activity is a great way to drive out those frustrating feelings. When I was unemployed, I started doing parkour (ultimateparkourgear) Taking care of yourself is very important to those who are unemployed.


Meditating for a short time each and every day is also great for your health. Striving to rid the thoughts about unemployment can be very difficult. Stress is gone and the thoughts about employment are gone when you take time to meditate. Meditation is a great way to clear out all negativity that is often associated with unemployment.

Unemployment rates are often on the rise in today’s society. While working is a part of our lives and routine, we sometimes find ourselves included in this unemployment rate. By following the information given above, the stress and stain of unemployment should be relieved somewhat. Strive to maintain good health and to not lose your focus on success. You may need to draw from your strengths to find a new path, but don’t become disheartened. Focus on victory!

Job Discrimination

Many people are under the misconception that being fired from your job due to your appearance is illegal. The cold hard fact is that, in most cases, you CAN lose your job due to your appearance.  And it is completely legal. Employees cannot fire you because of your sexual orientation, race, age, national origin or disability. But if the way you look doesn’t fit into those categories, your boss could legally fire you because of your appearance. Before you run off to get a nose job or lipo, read the rest of the article to fully understand the situation.

Not Attractive

It is not secret that attractive people generally are more successful than those that are considered beauty-challenged by modern day society. But your looks cannot result in the loss of your job, correct? Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Unless you can prove that the beauty standards are set only for one of the sexes — which could be considered sex discrimination — or that only people of a certain age, national origin or race are being held, then the company’s actions are probably not illegal.

Too Attractive

If you take into consideration the outcome of various court cases where an employee has been fired due to being too attractive, then it is perfectly legally for a company to let you go because your looks are a distraction. However, if the boss is making inappropriate comments about your looks, you may actually be experiencing sexual harassment, which is illegal and needs to be handled immediately.

Too Fat

Your weight can actually cause you to miss out on or be fired from a job legally. In fact, Michigan is the only state that has laws in place that prohibit discrimination against overweight people. If, however, you are obese, you could be protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which makes it illegal to be let go from your job simply because of your disability.

Too Thin

Yes, you can be legally fired for being too thin unless the weight is due to a medical disability, for which you would be covered under the Americans with Disability Act. If there is a minimum weight requirement for your job, you may be experiencing the illegal discrimination entitled disparate impact on women. Your employer must be able to demonstrate the there is a business necessity for the weight requirement. If he or she cannot, then you may have a case for the courts.

Too Short

Studies have shown that those who are on the tall side tend to make more money than those who are shorter. When a job discriminations against someone because of size, it’s called size discrimination and it is, unfortunately, only illegal in the state of Michigan and a few cities such as San Francisco.

Thankfully, one state already has laws to make discrimination based on appearance illegal, and a few others are following suit. In the meantime, you can file a discriminator case if you have experienced inequality due to race, nationality, disability or age.